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Name: ___________________________________________________ group: ___________
Date __________________
Section I
1. It is NOT an aspect that we need to take when teaching vocabulary
a) Frequencyb) Phonetic c) Collocation d) Context
2. Explain one of the aspects mentioned in the question number 1
3. Write and identify the direction of communication of the four skills and give one exampleof each one
Input/receptive Output/productive
Listen speaking
Read writing
4. How many skills does one activity must have when planning?
a) Just one b) at least two c) Just twod) at least one

Section II
Write F if the statement is false and T if it’s true
5. Feedback is the process in which part of the output system is returned to its input order to regulate its furtheroutput __T____
6. A category mistake is a semantic or ontological error in which “things of one kind are presented as if they belonged to another” __T___
7. It is better correct learners who don’tparticipate instead who learners that participate a lot ___F___
8. Dictogloss is basically a oral activity in which learners attempt to reconstruct a short piece of text which they have heard ___F___9. Psycho-educational testing is helpful to determine the student’s learning strengths and needs and determine if learning disabilities are impacting on the student’s school achievement ___T___Section III
Answer correctly according to the question
10. Are lesson goals important when planning? Yes/No Why?
11. Which are the five stages of the Lesson Plan? (Explain at least 4)
R: Warm up,presentation, controlled practice, free practice, feedback
12. What are the different kinds of materials?
R: selected, not selected, real and unreal
13. What are the most important aspects thatevery good Lesson Plan must have?
R: Activity, time, skills, material

Section IV
Are there difference between Assessment and Evaluation? if yes, explain it
Write in the brackets the corresponding...
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