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Existed diferents jobs, somebody are very dangerous or difficult, existed someone jobs whit realized to night, how the nurses, to have work turns the night, the job the construction the other carrerstoo work in the night.
The jobs to put for categories, how the office work, food service, entertainment business, travel industry.
En office work:
Company director
How in food service:
In the travel industry:
Flight attendant
Tour guide
In the entertainment business:
Every job is one activitydifferent, in one workplaces different, how a chef cooks food in a restaurant, a carpenter buids houses for a construction company.
Peter: where do you work, Wendy?
Wendy: I work inMcDonalds.
Peter: Really? What do you do there?
Wendy: I´m a cashier. Take the orders of the clients.
Peter: i like your job?
Wendy: yes, it´s a great job. And what do you do?
Peter: I´m a student andI have a part-time job, too.
Wendy: oh? Where do you work?
Peter: in a telephonic agency
Wendy: which agency?
Peter: in teleperformance
What, Where, When, Who.Algunos examples:
What do you do?
I´m a teacher
Where do you work?
In the university, the UNES.
When do you usually watch TV?
In the night.

Who is your favorite singer?
Is Fanny Lu
What doesPaul do?
He´s a student, he studies in the UNES.
Pequeña biography
Mi classmate is a student. She lives near the university. She has a part-time job in a fast-food restaurant.
Theyserver for expressed the time, the hours, for expressed that is in the morning, afternoon or night for expressed in what moment have the tings.
At + times of day. (Night)
In + parts of day. (Exceptnight)
On + day is of the week and months. (Sunday, Monday etc.)
I get up at six in the morning on weekdays.
I go to the bed at midnight on weeknights.
I star work at 11:30 on...
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