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Becoming an Architect

What is Architecture all about?

Architecture is the art, the science and the business of building.
Architects create homes, office towers, schools and churches. They aretalented people with a flair for design, an awareness of social trends, keen business sense, solid engineering skills and an understanding of the law. The word “versatile” may have been invented todescribe Architects!
Today’s Architect may practise alone or be part of a small, medium or large firm. Some Architects are self-employed. Others may be on salary, as employees of government, realestate developers or large corporations.
“Clients” are the people who use the services of Architects. A client may be a family, a school board, a company, a housing authority, a government department or abuilding contractor.


Why does Architecture matter?

There’s no place like home

The design or re-design of a home is one of the most fascinating and important things anArchitect can do. Homes house the daily activities of families and individuals. Sometimes they offer privacy and shelter. On festive occasions, they are places of open hospitality. Rural or urban, row houseor apartment, the home may be used year-round or only for vacations. Beyond our homes, the community takes shape.

Keeping the past alive

Old buildings add variety to city streets and remind usof our links to the past. Public interest in restoring old buildings is as strong as the economic pressure to re-use them. The result ? Architects are using modern techniques and ideas to renewhistoric buildings across Canada.

Inside the home and office

Respected Architects have designed chairs, tables, cabinets and fabrics--objects that lend comfort and pleasure to people’s homes and workspaces. When the desire to create something “organic” or whole, is strong, Architects design not only a building and the space around a building, they will also shape the space inside the building....
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