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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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hello my name is karen suarez but my friends call me alison I have fifteen years and am very excited because my birthday is on April 3 my zodiac sign is Aries the first of according to thecharacteristics of the sign Aries horoscope
This sign, influenced by the Sun and Mars, male symbol, representing strength, aggressiveness, the desire for male affirmation, as well as violence, the momentum,often brutal force necessary to defend the environment in which man lives. Aries corresponds to the first house of the Zodiac, which represents the personality in its purest form, the instincts, theindividual's character faced himself. It is the first contact with the world. Aries represents birth, which is always a violent act. Whoever is born with the Sun in this sign are brave, fearless, butalso informal work, often intolerant and aggressive. Impatient, he wants everything instantly, attacking furiously, often blindly and irrationally, leapfrogging and underestimating the difficulties.The fall of Saturn, symbol of the rational, makes the Aries are not very reflective and short attention spans, defects are compensated by the violent desire to achieve the goals they set for their greatvitality (exaltation of the Sun.) If the obstacle is too comes to be overcome, Aries falls in deep frustration and pessimism states. His life is characterized, in fact, for periods of optimismalternating with periods of despair. Their behavior is dominated instability, abrupt changes, the emotions, the tendency to take risks. It is the unexpected sign of anger, who wants to burn in an instantall its potential energy. This carries the danger that the impetuous and disorderly force follow a wrong direction or to become destructive. Aries, who loves the risk, he lives his life as a warrior whoalways facing new battles. Brave and generous, but also eager for independence becomes a being intolerant when subjected to something or aspires to be something important, but can only achieve its...
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