Natural desasters

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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A habitat is a place where animals have all of their needs, which are; food, water, shelter, and a place where that animal can produce babies.
Habitat loss is caused by natural disaster and humandestruction. Some natural disasters are: hurricanes, fires, floods, and erosions. Human destruction is when human decide to build houses and buildings or clear and to build. Habitat loss is when all,one , two, or three of the animals needs are lost that that animal needs to survive.
Natural Causes of Habitat Destruction
1. Habitat Destruction
o Habitat destruction is defined as any process thatresults in a natural habitat being uninhabitable by the present species population. Human activities are the most common causes of habitat destruction (mining, logging, agriculture, urban sprawl).However, habitat destruction can result from natural causes as well.
Climate Change
o Many ecosystems are reliant on a specific temperature range. For example, coral reefs typically require a watertemperature between 61 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures rise or fall below this level, coral plants will die, followed by the fish and other wildlife that rely on these plants for subsistence.Some may consider global warming a man-made cause of habitat destruction. However, climate change has occurred naturally for thousands of years. For example, various ice ages of the past haveresulted in mass extinction of species who were ill-suited for cold weather.
Natural Disasters
o Natural disasters can also spur habitat destruction. Wildfires resulting from lightning strikes or othernatural causes can cause heavy deforestation. Unexpected ice storms in warm climates can similarly wipe out entire habitats. Hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes can dramatically change a habitat'sstructure so that it becomes uninhabitable to present species. For example, in 1998, Hurricane Georges caused massive flooding that resulted in beach erosion and drastic climate change among many...
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