Obra de teatro en inglés - black minds

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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2011
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The gang

(Derek and Ben were walking in the street going to their house)

Derek.- see you later

Ben.- ok, bye I’ll call you later. Take care man
Don’t you want me to walk with you to your house?

Derek.- no thanks man, I have to help my mom

Ben.- help your mom? With what?

Derek.- oh, something of the house,you know, stuff

Ben.- that’s ok. So see you tomorrow

Derek.- ok bye

(The gang is watching Derek)

One of the gang.- hey you stupid guy, what a hell are you looking at?
Do you want some trouble or what?

(Derek throws smoke to him)

Derek.- go to hell $%#&/

One of the gang.- uh man, look what you’ve done…

Derek.- what, are you gonna kill me or what?

Policeman.- hey you,what’s going on?

One of the gang.- nothing

Policeman.- is everything ok? I was right behind you and noticed your problem
Don’t mess with me boys, what’s this all about?

One of the gang.- everything’s fine, we were just playing around.
Don’t worry, it was just a joke

Derek.- that’s not true, he started it

One of the gang.- oh really?

Policeman.- ok, I don’t care what’s happened hereI don’t want to see you here anymore, so go away!
If I find you around here again, I’ll take you to jail because of your behavior, I hope it’s clear because the next time there won’t be any chances for you to go free, understand?

Derek.- ok, that’s clear officer don’t worry

Policeman.- ok good, I want to see your butts getting out of here. Damn guys

One of the gang.- hey man, no problem(Derek is in his house)

Mother.- bye Derek! Where are you going ?

Derek.- bye mom, I’m going to Ben’s house

Mother.- are you asking me or just telling me?

Derek.- oh mom, come on!
Don’t be so strict

Mother.- ok, whatever, go away, just don’t be late

Derek.- ok mom, see you

Mother.- well Derek, take care now bye bye then

(Derek goes out and sees the gang in the corner)One of the gang.- what’s up man? What’s your fucking problem?

Derek.- fuck you man!

One of the gang.- what did you say?

(one of the gang walks towards Derek)

One of the gang.- are you following us or what?

(Derek throws his books and when he turns around someone hits him)

Derek.- ohh, aaahh

(Derek is on the floor)

One of the gang.- you earned it man! (and spits)

(Bencomes with a gun and shoots)

Ben.- leave him alone or I’ll kill you!

One of the gang.- hey man, take it easy, come on

Ben.- get your ass out of here

One of the gang.- (scared) ok man, no problem, but don’t shoot, ok?

Ben.-well, you know what to do
Now leave us alone!

(the gang runs out of the street)

Ben.- hey Derek, are you ok??
Come on man, let’s go home.

(Bentakes Derek to his house)

Ben.- what was all that about?
What happened?

Derek.- some stupid guys are following me

Ben.- who are they?

Derek.- I don’t know but if I see them again I’ll kill those motherfuckers

Ben.- they really hurt you man! What are you going to do?

Derek.- never mind, they will see

The next day…

Derek.- hi Ben, how are you today?

Ben.- what’s up man?Derek.- I was wondering if you have a gun

Ben.- yea, I have one, it’s a Smith and Wesson

Derek.- really? Can you lend me your gun?

Ben.- what do you want it for?

Derek.- I’m going to scare them

Ben.- scare whom?

Derek.- the guy of the gang who hit me, don’t you remember?

Ben..- no man, if you have a gun, you have to be ready to use it

Derek.- don’t worry, I know what I’mdoing

Ben.- ok, I warned you (and shows him the gun)
But before you do something, I want to tell you that those guys of the gang seem
very dangerous, just be careful ok man?

Derek.- yeah, don’t worry, I’m not gonna shoot them. But it would be good

Ben.- don’t even think about it man

Derek.- I was joking, I wouldn’t dare

Ben.- yeah that’s right

(Ben gives Derek the gun)...
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