Padre pobre, padre rico introduction (inglés)

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In this chapter, the author introduces herself and explains how she was educated, how her parents, as well as her husband´s parents raised them in a “traditional way” telling them that there was aneed to study in order to be successful in life. According to a traditional way of seeing life, parents always tell their children to go to school, even when this children don´t know why they have tostudy or without explaining to them the importance of being prepared only by telling them that if they get good grades they can continue to study in the future and if they graduate and get a degree thenthey will be able to get a good job with a good income and then get married, have children and make a family.

The author tells on how she was taken by surprise by her son when he once told herthat all that was not really needed and gave her some examples of people who were rich and didn´t study or didn´t get good grades, then she thought he might be right when he told her that people onlystudied and then worked and worked without enjoying life.

Once, her husband introduced Robert, a person who had invented a game called “cash flow” and had invited them to play this “game of life”, init the players had to participate in a race in which in a kind of “Molopoly” board they had to work and buy and make good use of their resources to jump from one road “the rat road” to another road(in the outside), in the inner road, Robert explained, the people live a regular life, working and making a family and having a boss, in the outer road people can live as rich people, having a companyinstead of working for someone.

Sharon won that game, she noticed then that people didn´t know how to use and administer their resources well, that traditional education only teaches information butnot to be intelligent enough and not basic concepts of finance, accounting and this affected people´s lives.

Other players didn´t like the game, they didn´t observe the importance of using their...
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