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AIM: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to make sentences with the auxiliary Can.

VOCABULARY: To teach the students the use of Can, we will use pictures, drawings,gestures, new words, and verbs such as climb, ban, bathe, beg, behave, bless. etc.

STRUCTURE: W e will use the auxiliary Can.

FUNCTION: Expressing abilities

WARM-UP: We will use the game “Thenumber Guessing Game”. It consists that the students play this game within their own groups or as opposite groups. Each student is given a card with a number on it, and asks for a number using theauxiliary Can. Example.

Can you tell me what number do you have?


Let’s suppose that Alex works in a restaurant in the U.S.A. he is very happy because he doesn’t worktomorrow. So, his boss calls him and says “I need a waiter” Can you work in the restaurant tomorrow, please? .Yes, he can work in the restaurant tomorrow. He answered him.


AIex can work in therestaurant tomorrow.

After that, Alex was very sad because he had to clean my house that day. So, he asks his father, “Can you work in the restaurant for me, please? No, I can’t, but I can clean thehouse for you. He answered him. Thanks my father he answered him.


I can clean the house for you.

The teacher presented two situations to the class and he wrote the sentences on theboard. Next, he asks to the class to repeat the sentences phrase by phrase and he asks individual students to repeat the sentences. Then he will explain how the structure table is formed.

| I|can |work in the restaurant. |
|He |can |clean your home. |
|He |can´t |ride a bicycle|
|She |can |speak English. |


MECHANICAL PRACTICE: In the mechanical practice, the teacher put new...
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