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1. Price

Regarding the price we launch our product at a price slightly lower than average prices for other products, but does not mean that only compete for this factor because we offer a lower price, but with the same benefits and high quality.

1.1. Discounts and Bonuses

Regarding the discount we will apply the following discounts for volume as well as cumulative and non cumulative.Volume discounts are not cumulative; we chose this point because we can encourage customers to buy from us in large quantities as to benefit with good discounts.

But orders for smaller quantities cumulative discount would apply even though their purchases are not large amounts, but are valued because they are often.

1.2. Special Situations Strategies and Pricing

We chose the flexiblepricing strategy, so we applied various discounts to the customer, but buy the same product, as there will be better relations with certain customers with whom we could work and thus gain an advantage in price, unlike those recently integrated.

2. Place

We need to establish the place where we will offer, we thought that where our product would be ideal for supermarkets because our consumersblock you shop frequently at these sites trying to reach the big chains to negotiate and reach our products to their stores and their locations so they are in the time and place appropriate conditions for the consumer.

We emphasize the use of merchandising that is the study of the physical location of the product for easy access to the consumer, so they have a clear idea of ​​how our product willreach the consumer.

We also chose the selective distribution and we agree that our product is in various specific places.

3. Promotion

With respect to advertising, make diverse activities to raise awareness of our product, known as the more we will be better able to grasp and even customer loyalty.

As we are just beginning on this project, do not have much cash to invest in what ispersonal selling as this is very expensive.

3.1. Advertising Rates

We chose the primary demand advertising and selective demand, first, we will focus on primary demand which is to encourage the consumption of ostrich pate generically. And little by little to let you know our product, because only then you may want or even desire. Subsequently apply a selective demand and manage to maintain orstimulate demand for our product highlighting its benefits and highlighting the substantial difference in others. And counter to achieve future competition.

Developing an Advertising Campaign

To develop our marketing plan will take into account the respective points of the plan which are as follows: we would invest in brochures and leaflets which are distributed to raise awareness of our brandname and even the possible line extensions that we make.

3.2. Media Selection

We have chosen the following means:

Magazines: The ideal way would be to make our magazines and advertising is a medium in which advertisements are presented with great quality and color, which we facilitate the advertisement is designed to appeal and capture the attention of customers.

These magazines areread more thoroughly unlike newspapers and these are read in their free time, making it easier to get your attention.

Radio: In the future this means we also useful because the message we want to convey can be heard at all times, may also intervene in the purchase decision and that our message can be heard at the time the person makes a purchase making this is inclined to our product.Television: In the future you could use this advertising medium, but for now it is not feasible for us because the use of television is very expensive.

3.3. Advertising Activity Evaluation

We have to maintain permanent control over the media that choose to and realize if they are meeting the goals set, but we must recognize that there are difficulties in making that assessment, the test can be...