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I think it is increasingly common that there is an exchange of personal information by corporations.
On several occasions I been have called the phone companies with I have neverworked before and were familiar that they know some of my personal information, such as the name.
On the one hand it may seem convenient to obtain information regarding prices andoffers without having to perform a search, but on the other hand it is clear that we are not aware of the seriousness of the matter.

Very often we receive calls on home or on themobile in which have been asked to us some of our personal information and is not longer just the discomfort because they usually call in hours of rest, I think the issue is becomingworrying. How we are monitored, we are actually conscious? I think not, I think it is very difficult to regulate and even take measures, including changing or hardening of the DataProtection Act; we are actually exposed to abuses in which we are deprived of the right to privacy.

If you think a bit we can see how slowly they are beginning to see newproducts or services that lead us down by a way of control without freedom. For example: phones, GPS, and numerous websites such as Messenger or the famous faceboock.
How can you allow aperson or more, as the creators of faceboock have as much personal information? Facebook has millions of users that can find addresses, marital status, preferences, tastes and evenphotographs to leaf through the daily life of users.

In short I am very concerned, really bothers me to know that there is so much information available for virtually anyapplication. Our society is moving towards a world that is becoming more difficult to determine where begin and end the rights of people because it is increasingly easy to ignore them.
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