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If someone is too critical, don't take it personally. Take it for the honesty it is.
You've got a lot on your mind today and that could mean that you don't have as much time tochat with friends or family. Give them what they need, but make sure you don't push your opinions too hard.

If you have to work with fellow students or siblings on a project, you might be the onlyone pulling their weight. That's frustrating, but there's really not much you can do about it quite yet.
Having love, spiritually and security in your relationship is one of your most intimate goals.You are very sensitive to what others say and do. Your emotions and intuition help you translate your sensitivity into compassion through your mystical approach of uniting with another on a higherlevel. Draw from your intuitive abilities to make good and decisions in all areas of your life. You feel as if you have a high spiritual calling when it comes to marriage and relationships in general.Your sweet intensity, charm and attractiveness lure others to you. This is especially promising around the summer, when you become very interested in the possibility of settling down and havingchildren. Emotional security is a big thing for you and throughout the year you experience many life lessons through your relationships. Your strong capacity for joy and giving deepens your relationshipsand creates loving harmony and balance.
Your urge to be devoted to your partner is strong, yet sometimes it's hard to learn to become more emotionally detached so you can rely on your inner strengthduring stormy times. It is important for you to have someone that appreciates your mystical wisdom and attitudes; otherwise, you become restless and overly sensitive. You are a naturally intuitiveperson and see things from a perspective that others may not. The challenges you may experience in your love partnership will mainly be around learning to integrate and balance your own growth and create...
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