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Smith Micro Poser Pro(r)

Thank you for purchasing Poser Pro by Smith Micro! This readme includes important information about your new software, some of which is not included in other documentation. Smith Micro is committed to creating stable and functionally richsoftware tools.


- Documentation Updates
- Gamma Correction & Linear Rendering
- Smith Micro's Commitment
- Registering Poser Pro
- Important Information
- Installation
- Content and Tutorials
- Data Exchange with COLLADA
- FlexibleMain Runtime Location
- OpenGL Preview
- Support for Graphic Tablets
- External Binary Morph Targets
- Compressed File Support
- Network Connections
- Network Render Queue
- Reusing Previously Computed Shadow Maps
- Poser Native Units
- Real World Units for Bump & Displacement Maps
- Material Collections & MAT Files
- Gradient Bump Maps
- Cloth Room
- Setup Room- Raytracing
- Preferences
- Render Cache Files
- Python
- Miscellaneous
- Poser and Adobe Flash
- Known Issues
- Technical Support
- Trademark & Copyright Notice


Your copy of Poser Pro includes copies of the ReferenceManual in PDF format. These copies are available on your Poser CD and in the application by selecting HELP>POSER REFERENCE MANUAL and HELP>POSER PRO REFERENCE MANUAL. These electronic versions may contain updates and/or errata fixes not present in the hard copy manuals.

Gamma Correction & Linear Rendering----------------------------------------------------------------

In the 'Gamma Correction and Linear Rendering' chapter, the Poser Pro Reference manual states "HDRI files will be read and written in a linear fashion with a Gamma value of 1.0, ignoring whatever gamma value might be specified in that location." - to clarify, while Poser Pro ignores the scene-wide gamma value specified on the Render Settings dialog, itwill still obey a custom gamma value specified on the Texture Manager dialog (thereby allowing to read HDRI with an assumed gamma value of other than 1.0). Please refer to http://www.contentparadise.com/poserpro/King_Tut/Gamma/PoserPro_Gamma.html for additional information.

SMITH MICRO'S COMMITMENT----------------------------------------------------------------

In our efforts to fulfill our commitment to our customers, we post updaters for our products on an ongoing basis. Please visit http://graphics.smithmicro.com or go to http://my.smithmicro.com/downloads to check for updates.

REGISTERING Poser Pro----------------------------------------------------------------


ON FIRST LAUNCH: We recommend choosing automatic registration after entering your Poser Pro serial number.

WEB: http://my.smithmicro.com/register

POSTAL MAIL: Smith Micro (Attention: REGISTER)
185 Westridge Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076
FAX: +1 (831) 761-6206----------------------------------------------------------------

Content and Tutorials

Poser Pro comes with an advanced family of figures, SydneyG2 and SimonG2....
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