Ppt corridors of influence in dissemination of customer-oriented strategy to customer contact service employees

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I. II. III. IV. V. Introduction Purpose of the journal Propose model and hypotheses Research method Conclusions

• It is widely held that a customer-oriented firm is morelikely to deliver exceptional service quality and create satisfied customers. • Customer contact employees are responsible for translating a customer-oriented strategy into quality service.

•CUSTOMER ORIENTATION can be effective only when the firm designs the necessary structures, processes, and incentives to operationalize the firm’s customer-oriented values.

II. Purpose of the journalTo investigate how service firms disseminate their customer-oriented strategy to their employees so that the employees share the customer oriented values of the firm and are inspired to carry out thestrategy.

• Firms can arguably achieve customer orientation more effectively by employing high levels of both management-and employee- initiated controls.

III. Propose Model and Hypotheses
Themodel hypothesizes that organizational structure (formalization), empowerment, behavior-based employee evaluation, socialization and organizational commitment play important roles in disseminating acustomer-oriented strategy in a manner that yields shared organizational values.

• When a customer-oriented strategy is adopted, several structural and procedural mechanisms within the firm mustcome into alignment before effective dissemination can occur.

Propose model of customer-oriented strategy dissemination

IV. Research Method
• Hotels (sampling frame) • Place where managerswork alongside customer contact employee. • Three hotel chains middle-to-high price/quality range. • 444 hotel units.

• Hotel managers were asked about their emphasis on customer oriented strategy,the organizational structure of their unit, their use of empowerment, and their emphasis on behavioral criteria in employee evaluations. • Customer contact employees were asked about their work group...
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