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PROJECT A- A Newspaper Report
1 Correct the underlined words in the newspaper report.
Newport Weekly News
Actress’s trick on review writer
Zoe Backer works in a bookstore in Newport. She acts inplays with the Newport Players too. This week she acts the part of Juliet’s mother in Romeo and Juliet at the Little Theatre, Newport. She says, ‘I like acting in plays, and I like acting oldercharacters. I’m only seventeen years old’.
Mike Morrison is a student at Newport College. He sometimes writes reviews for the Newport Weekly News. (His Aunt Peggy is the editor of newspaper.) He likeswriting reviews in the free time.
2. Put these words in the order to write more of the report
a) Zoe Backer puts on a wig and glasses
b) She’s carrying Yes! Magazine under her arm.
c) Shesays, ‘I´m the editor of Yes!
d) ‘My name’s Kate Lawson’, she says
e) She asks Mike Morrison, ‘Can you do an interesting interview with Todd Marin?’
3. Put these sentences in order to finishthe report. Number them 1-7
1. Zoe acts the part of Kate Lawson and follows Mike.
2. The next morning Mike Morrison goes to Todd Marin’s house.
3. She watches Mike and Todd Marin frombehind a bush.
4. Mike comes out of Todd Marin’s house and he sees Kate Lawson.
5. Zoe takes off her wig and glasses.
6. Mike remembers his review of Romeo and Juliet and he feels embarrassed7. Now Mike Morrison says, ‘You’re a good actress, Zoe Backer!’

PROBECT B- Writing a Play
1. Use Zoe’s words to complete this scene from Chapter 2 of the story
Zoe and Annie are talking. Mikeis sitting across the room. Zoe looks over and sees Mike. She is interested in him.
ZOE (to Annie, quietly) Who’s that boy?
ANNIE (laughing) Do you like him’ He has a nice face. He’s name is Mike.He goes to Newport College with me.
ZOE Mike? Mike who?
ANNIE Mike Morrison
ZOE (surprised) That’s Mike Morrison!
ANNIE Yes, why?
ZOE He writes reviews for the Newport Weekly News
ANNIE That’s...
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