Pride and prejudice

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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2011
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The Professor of Smell’s Plot
Basic Situaction :
Chung was a gambler , he had a wife and he loved to bet everything alwaysthinking in a big money prize. He never had money because of the addiction and neither his wife .
Rainsing Actions :
-He found anold piece of tin and playfully put it over his nose,then he made a couple of holes to the tin .
-He said to his wife he was able tofind lost things through his nose , so he called himself “the professor of smells” .
-He discovered a magpie´s nest and there wereseveral belongings and then he gathered his neighbors and showed to them .
-A rich man looked for him in order to pay for hislost pig and Chung refused , his wife does not give him up and he accepted .
- He found the pig ad he won lot of money more.
-An emperor called Chung to find his jade seal lost , and If he will not in 40 days he was not going to like his lessons .-He found that the advisor had it , the advisor was amazed for his skills and Chung proposed to him let and resign the jade seal andhe will say nothing to the emperor and he buried it under a magnolia tree.
-Then he wiped it and gave the jade sealto the emperor and he was surprised .
-Then he retuned home with his wife and a lot of money and fame and he never gambled again.