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Prequest for Bosses
Zakum: Requirements: Level 50
1. Head over to El Nath: Chief's Residence & talk to your relating NPC(Pedro for Pirate, Tylus for Warrior, etc.) and click on Access to Zakum Quest.
2. Head over to El Nath - Door to Zakum. Create a party (doesn't matter if anyone's in it or not) and talk to Adobis. Enter the first stage of the prequest.
3. You'll be dropped into a roomwhich looks like this:

Room 10 and 7 leads you to room 16 which looks like:

Collect keys which drop from rocks/chests hidden around the map and drop all of them in front of a huge treasure chest in room 16-5 which will drop a fire ore for you.

Room which contain keys

4-2 (rock)
9-2 (chest)
11-1 (chest)
14-1 (chest)
16-2 (chest)
16-3 (chest)
16-5 (rock)

4. Talk to Adobis againto enter stage 2 which is the ZakumJQ. Everyone hates this but you'll have to do it regardless.
There's really no guide for this but you may ask some guild mates or someone you trust to do it for you.

5. Talk to Adobis once more to begin the 3rd stage. Collect 30 Lost Zombie's Gold Tooth which drops from Miner Zombies.

6. Once you've gotten all the items (Fire ore, Breath of lava and 30Lost Zombie's Gold Tooth) talk to Adobis one last time. He'll take all the required items and give you 5 Eye's of Fire.

7. To summon Zakum, have an expedition of 6 players. (doesn't matter if they're offline, level 1, haven't done the quests or anything, just need 6 players. However if they wish to enter with you, they'll need to be level 50+, have done the quests and be in the same map as you.Horntail:
Requirement: Level 80

1. Talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre and accept the quest 'Moira's Whereabouts'. Next head over to Cave of Life - Entrance and talk to Moira, afterwards head back to Chief Tatamo and talk to him to finish the quest.

2. Head back and talk to Moira again and begin the quest 'Making the secret medicine for Transformation.'

3. Collect these items:
- Cornian'sMarrow which drops from Green Cornians
- Skull Shoulder Pads which drops from Dark Cornians
- Manon's Cry which drops from Manon
- 10 Tough Dragon Skins which drops from any Wyvern
- Cornians dagger which is made from the following items, 1 Mithril Plate, 1 Steel Plate, 1 Busted Cornian Dagger which is dropped by Green Cornian, aftewards talk to Mos-Upgrader in Leafre to make the item.NOTE; DO NOT TALK TO MOIRA TO FINISH THE QUEST, WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE ABOUT TO FIGHT HORNTAIL OR YOU'LL HAVE TO REPEAT THIS QUEST AGAIN. ALSO YOU NEED TO REPEAT THIS QUEST EVERYTIME YOU WANNA FIGHT HORNTAIL.

Pink bean:
Requirements: Level 140 to start, level 160 to finish.

1. Talk to Temple Keeper in Time Lane: Three Doors. You'll be asked to kill 999 Memory Monks. Do so and return to him.

2. Talk to Temple Keeper in Time Lane: Three Doors. You'll be asked to kill 999 Memory Monk Trainees this time. Do so and return to him.

3. Talk to Temple Keeper again. Next is to kill 999 Memory Guardian. Do so and return to him.

4. Talk to Temple Keeper. Kill 999 Chief Memory Guardian, after you've finished, return to him.

5. Talk to him again and head over to Memory Lane 5 tohunt a Dodo. Finally a break from 999 -insert monster's name here-. Finish hunting Dodo and return to him.

6. After you've talked to Temple Keeper, head over to Memory keeper's Room and talk to the Memory Keeper in there. Head back to your first job advancement NPC then come back and talk to Memory Keeper again.

Level 150+
7. Talk to Temple Keeper. You'll be asked to start the killingmarathon again =__=. Kill 999 Qualm Monk. Do so and return to him.

8. Talk to Temple Keeper, kill 999 Qualm Monk Trainee and return to him.

Level 155+
9. Talk to Temple Keeper, kill 999 Qualm Guardian and return to him.

10. Talk to Temple Keeper, kill 999 Chief Qualm Guardian and return to him.

11. Talk to Temple keeper. Yay another break ! Head over to Road of Regrets 5 and hunt a...
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