Proyect 3

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a. Why should people eat vegetables?

People eat vegetables to stay healthy and so good health, bothphysically and mentally, so you should eat vegetables every day to stay healthy

b. What mustn’t you do in the street?

You must be very careful when passing through the streetsYou must be very careful crossing the street corners and zebra

You must be aware and do not litter the ground

c. Why should you study?

You should study because life isnot just today and we must be prepared for tomorrow, although the future is uncertain and remote.

d. Why shouldn’t you smoke?

I shouldn’t smoke because smoking can causemany types of cancer, oral hygiene problems, skin aging, physical condition worsens, cause bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkles, skin color worse.

e. What should you do to passthis English course?

You should consider all of the platform units EDO, participate in forums, carry out the project, studying each and every one of grammatical structures and beresponsible in our work.

B. Write a paragraph giving advices “Should" and using “simple present” and “present continuous” about Tiger Woods who has had a lot of problemsbecause of his behavior.

He should take responsibility for his acts and first of all apologize for the lack that he committed, away from the media and settle their problems in aprivate, not the siege of all journalists and obviously assume the consequences that this brings to life.


Don’t copy the same you found in Internet! Your score willdecrease!

No copien lo que encuentran en Internet, desarrollen su trabajo usando las estructuras gramaticales mencionadas. Para esto deben estudiar las unidades 1, 2, 3 y 4 de EDO.