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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2011
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Final Project
The main theme I have chosen for my project is the situation of the Native American people in Argentina, both historically and presently. I believe there is much to be done to makethe whole of society conscious of the problems these peoples face, and of our huge debt towards them.
There are two pieces to my Project:
A- Ceramic doll: I have chosen this material because it hasbeen used by the Native American peoples for many centuries, and it reflects the richness of their culture and their approach to nature. My work tries also to remind of a European porcelain doll,exponent of beauty and of everything decent, correct and acceptable. All of this, together with the different elements that conform the doll, means to show how N. Americans have had to incorporateelements of the conquering culture, throughout the history of Argentina, in order to be accepted, often rejecting or forsaking their own cultures, traditions and ways of life.
B- Collage: I have portrayed avivid scene of what Native American peoples have to endure: the loss of their lands and homes. This has happened since Europeans arrived to these lands, but is notorious that nowadays- living indemocracy, with a National Government claiming to be popular- the Wichis, Mapuches, Tobas and many other ethnic groups are deprived of their rights. Land is not the only thing they are robbed of: alsodocuments, resources, labor and even their traditions. Their lands, which are most sacred to them, are taken, exploited and ruined by men not conscious of their religious and economical importance toNative Americans. In this collage I have adopted the Expressionist concept of conveying strong feelings through lines. Here I have chosen modulated black lines to express the mourning of these people;and the base being transparent shows: -How this situation goes unnoticed for most part of society and
- how this situation transcends the economical aspect of Native people’s lives,...
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