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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Let's start on my last vacation I went to Tampico with all my family went in exactly three good truck, we arrived at my house at eight shopping not sleep atall, only because my dad went to work, well my brother, my mom and I slept like at about five o'clock because we were falling asleep in the van. As at 10o'clock in the morning we arrived at Tampico, direct beach we only offer methylene feet with my nephews, later we went to the hotel and then went down to see thepool and we got and how to swim, swim, then went down to eat all my family and I, after the night we went to the beach just to watch the waves and walking andcastles and all that is done on the beach, we went to the hotel after again and went to sleep. The next day we went to market Tampico with a very kindgentleman who showed us our greetings and all the market and invited us to dinner at his restaurant left us in a place and ate there almost every shrimp ate lessthan my brother who ate a hamburger -. - ', then we went to the beach and we got all I spend a lot of fun, swim far into the waves, though I could not very wellbecause in a very difficult, then we went on bikes with all my uncles and we took a tour the beach On the evening of that day we went to the boardwalk wherepeople had very many, playing band had people everywhere, and of course very many security, you were in the truck and walking and you were everywhere officialhand, arrived at the hotel that night, we dined and we got to the pool, later went to sleep, well this was a part of my family holiday, I hope you enjoy it.