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My grandmother Conchita Castro Ramirez was born in 1930 in Coamo, Puerto Rico because her father Plineo Castro Franchesini and my grandmother’s mother Divina Ramirez Mariniwere living in Coamo, her father’s native town, and because he was the first nominated District Judge of Coamo. Because of this fact, his picture is part of the history at the Museum ofCoamo Municipality.

My grandfather Carlos Sanchez Astor was born in 1928 in San Juan, PR. He was the son of Rafael Sanchez Ortiz, the first Controller of the Puerto Rico and MariaCristina Astor Cebollero, who was living with an uncle after her parents died in Spain when she was only 6. My grandparents Conchita and Carlos met in Central High School and were also nextdoor neighbors in Miramar, Santurce. When my grandfather completed his college degree in University of Maryland, he returned to Puerto Rico to marry my grandmother, who at that time wasinvolved actively in the Girls Scouts of America. My grandmother was the first Puerto Rican Girl Scouts to travel to the United States with Elisa Colberg, who was my grand-grand mothercousin.

My grandparents married in 1952 and moved to Pueblo Viejo and had three children: Brenda (1954), Carlos (1956) and Jorge (1962). In 1962 they moved to Mexico City because mygrandfather moved there to complete his doctorate degree in medicine. While they were living in Mexico, they had two more children: my mother Virginia (1963) and my aunt Yolanda (1964). Whenthey returned from Mexico in 1970, they had my youngest uncle Jose Carlos.

In 1991 my mother Virginia met my father Jose Joaquin at a friend’s gathering. One year later on Valentine’sDay in 1992 they married. On that year they had my sister Marisol, who recently graduated from Academia San Jose. In 1994 my parents had me and 1996 they had my brother Jose Joaquin.
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