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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Well, what it do, baby girl,
uh, tell me how you feel,
the way you lookin' at me is so sincere.
I wanna know you name, uh, what's your name?
If you give a bit a game, I'll give you fame.
Girl, Iknow what you like fast cars,
five stars, shopping spree that's tight.
I'm a man made of money, I practically a tree,
how much U gonna cost for you to be with me.
Oh, I see your damn thighs andwhat's it gonna take for me to slied inside.
Are you Ms.Right, cause im Mr.Right now,
you're practically a queen, girl, take a bow and I got it anything you want I got it,
any fantasies to fulfillI'm on it.
If you take me down then I'll take you down,
hair a mess body round and round.

Uuuh, undress baby girl.
Uuh undress baby girl.
Uuh undress baby girl,
nothing left to do but coresyou girl.(2x)

When you bounce the beat and knod your head,
that's exactly what we're doing in
the sheets in the bed.
She gotta lotta work and she gotta lotta back,
dang I really like the feel,baby work that ass.
Ain't bad whip cream, champain, hot steam,
you can have it all night, if you know what I mean.
Bed time, hot fire anything you desire,
this is one thing from which you can'tretire.
I'm not a magician, but I can do magic, ooh,
we can turn anything into a bad habit and
it better be bad when your here with me,
cause I gotta few dozen other tricks up my sleeve.
So go aheadgirl and make it work,
but your back into it until it hurt.
Show me hate and show me love, and climp on top,
girl, I got me a glove, uh.

Uuuh, undress baby girl.
Uuuh undress baby girl.
Uuuhundress baby girl,
nothing left to do but cores you girl. (2x)

Bring it on back girl on bring it on back. (3x)
Bring it on back girl i make it clap.
Bring it on back girl on bring it on back.(3x)

I'm outta control with the way you drop your body.
Have you ever got slapped for being this naughty?
Dang, baby girl, I could eat you up cute,
waist pretty face I'ma show you love (love)....
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