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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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|Nombre: López Murillo María Rebeca |Matrícula: 2652492 |
|Nombre del curso:|Nombre del profesor: |
|Chemistry 2 |Yahara Bautista ||Módulo: 1 |Actividad: |
| |Homework2 |
|Fecha: 19/01/11 |Equipo: N/A ||Bibliografía: |

1. Investigate about the graphite making process and its primary uses,and make a tree diagram describing this information.
2. Prepare an interview where Carbon is the character to interview. Write your questions as if you where to print them in a media transcript.You must include the following information in your interview:
▪ Its physical and chemical characteristics:
1. Atomic mass.
2. Electro negativity.3. Oxidation number.
4. Atomic radius.
5. Ionic radius.
6. Energy release.
7. Allotropic forms and their characteristics.
8.Principal uses.
9. Electronic configuration.
10. Energy levels.
11. Position in the periodic table.
▪ Describe how its electronic configurationallows it to form hybrids.
▪ Formation of sigma and pi bonds.
Remember that the interview must state clearly each concept, the value for carbon and its importance. It is necessary to be...
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