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Martin Luther King was born the 15 of January of 1929, he was a man who fought for the African Americans rights, because in those times the African Americans were traded likeslaves and they were being discriminated by the white people.
For everything what he did I`m grateful because of him the African Americans and people that have that skin color have the same rights thatthe other persons in the world and know those persons are not discriminated, they are traded as they should be traded.
Martin Luther was able to achieve this because he has a leader attitude, hedoes not think only for its same he think for the other persons who were suffering for all that was happening, and he put as a goal to make the African Americans free and happy, he never quit, he focusand worked hard and for all that effort he was able to get what he wanted and nowadays we are free to do what we want because of him.
He dedicate all his life for the good of others that’s why Irespect him so much, because even dough he didn`t know those people he gave his life for them to be free and to make what they want in their life. He sacrificed a lot of thinks of his life for the AfricanAmericans rights that why there`s a day in his honor were all the persons thank for what he did.
In my opinion he is one of the greatest persons in the world because he “free” a whole raze of theoppression and racism of the other persons, nowadays it is illegal to discriminate persons or not giving the same rights to a person only because he is from another culture, and that’s because yearsbefore he fought and gave his life for the Africans Americans have the life they have know.
He is a great hero of the world, a real hero who achieved what he wanted without violence, he just madespeeches and join people who wanted the same as him, he leader those person and save them.
We got to be thankful and try to be like him so we can have a better tomorrow were all the persons live together...
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