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Starch Experiment

State the Problem:
What foods or vegetables contain starch?
Research the Problem:
Before we start, we need to know more about starch. Studies show that starch is white,odorless, tasteless carbohydrate powder soluble in cold water. This information will help us extract starch from our samples for more accurate tests. If we have any colorful fruit or vegetables for test, wecan eliminate the chance of mixed colors and inaccurate tests. Starch also plays a vital role in the biochemistry of both plants and animals. It is made in green plants by photosynthesis, and is oneof the main forms in which plants store food. Animals obtain starch from plants and store it as glycogen. Both plants and animals convert starch to glucose when energy is needed. Commercially, starchis made chiefly from corn and potatoe.
Starch is a substance in most fruits and vegetables, which means that it is most likely in the vegetable and fruit samples. Since starch is aninexpensive and widely available food product, it is being used as a food additive in many food products.
In order to perform this project, we must use Iodine solution as a reagent forstarch. One drop of this solution on any sample can detect starch by changing the color of the tested area to dark blue.
We will be using the following samples:
| Fruits and Vegetables| Food Products |
| Rice | Milk |
| Potatoes| Yogurt |
| Grains | Ice Cream |
| Apples| Macaroni |
| Carrots | Nuts |
| Broccoli...
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