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Question 1
I think that the better choice to make is the second candidate: Janos Gabor.
The third candidate, for me is not the right person. Even if she has technical skills and a rightunderstanding of the situation, her family could be an obstacle. Moreover, she only worked in Ireland and around London; it is too dangerous to give her these responsibilities for her first internationalproject.
How can we decide between the first and the second candidate?
First, we are going to identify what the company wants in this recruitment process:
• It is a ten-year joint venture with aHungarian government-backed firm but they want someone for only three years assignment in the country
• The want to make ministry officials in Budapest happy
• They want to keep control on this jointventure operation
• The technical quality side of the person is more important
The choice has been difficult to make between these two candidates. Marie Erten-Loiseau has the managerial experience forachieving this project. Moreover, she worked for the company for thirteen years, so she knows the corporate culture and she is familiar with the organisation’s goals and objectives. With her, aneffective liaison and communication with the country staff will be guarantee (the company wants to keep control on it). She has also the ability to adapt herself as it is explained in the text but it couldtake time (adaptation is not always easy). She has to learn a new foreign language and culture. They want someone for three years (relatively a short term period); in my point of view is a lot of moneyinvested in someone for a short period.
This leads to my choice: the second candidate, Janos Gabor. This candidate has the technical ability to achieve correctly this project (technical qualityside more important for this joint-venture). He is familiar with the socioeconomic, political and legal environment of the country (he knows also the language and the culture) which is a very important...
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