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Human Resources
* Notify Human Resources Administrator of employee departure date
* Ifemployee has resigned, obtain official letter of resignation or confirm oral resignation in writing
* Communicate departure of employee to staff
* Remove employee’s name from distribution andphone lists
* Verify employee’s home address and phone number are accurate to ensure W-2’s will be mailed to appropriate address
* Provide employee with benefits status letter
*Life insurance
* Health coverage
* Retirement plan

* Ensure completion of employee’s final timesheet
* Verify unpaid payroll advances and deduct from final paycheck* Verify vacation or sick time used, but not yet accrued, and deduct from final paycheck
* Verify vacation and unused sick time and add to final paycheck
* Verified any outstandingexpense reimbursements and add to final paycheck
* Verify any unpaid commission or bonuses and add to final paycheck
* Make final paycheck available to employee on last day of work
*Terminate employee in payroll system

Access Termination
* Terminate computer access
* User name and pass codes
* Email account
* Change password for any shared computer
*Redirect telephone number

Return of Property
* Verify employee has returned:
* Keys
* Parking pass
* ID badge
* Computer
* Credit Card
* Cellphone
* Other company-owned items
* Ensure employee leaves department files, manuals, and computer files
* Ensure passwords pertaining to access of computer files ortelephone/messages are returned

Exit Interview
* Schedule confidential exit interview to discuss work environment
* Obtain written permission for reference giving the company permission...