Relaciones humanas

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1) Study:
1. I study English at the University.
2. Marcia doesn’t study in the office.
3. Does Marcia study English?
2) Watch:
1. I watch T.V. at 7:00 P.M. everyday.
2. He doesn’t watch T.V. in the Park.
3. Does he watch T.V. in the morning?
3) Drink:
1. She drinks coffe every morning.
2. She doesn’t like drink beer.3. Does she drink juice?
1. I like to paint my house.
2. He doesn’t like to paint your room.
3. Does he paint his car?
1. I like to wash thedishes every day.
2. He doesn’t like was the car.
3.Does he wash your car every Monday?
6) Say
1. I like to say complements to my friends
2. He doesn’t say anything to hismother
3. Does she say where the party is?
7) Go
1. Jaqueline goes to work everyday
2. I don’t want to go to the doctor
3. Does she go to school?
8) Run
1. Iwant to run 5 miles tomorrow
2. Everardo doesn’t run fast enough
3. Do we have to run together?

9) Play
1. Boys like to play soccer in the afternoon.
2. Youplay videogames very much
3. Do we have to play tennis?
10) Kiss
1. I want to kiss you
2. She kissed her boyfriend when he left
3. Does he want to kiss me?
11) Do1. I do my homework early
2. She doesn't do her job
3. What do you like to do?
12) Write
1. I have to write my tesis
2. Pedro writes a letter to his friend3. Does she like to write poems?
13) Have
1. I have to call María
2. Joseph calls me everyday
3. Do you call the client?
14) Speak
1. Carlos speaks very fast2. I like to speak in English
3. Do I have to speak to her?
15) Eat
1. They want to eat pizza
2. I don’t like to eat at night
3. Does Christian eat lasagna?
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