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During World War II, a plane crashes and the only survivors, a group of children, have to stay on a desert island waiting to be rescued. During their stay on the island they start to create acivilization recreating the culture they left behind. All seem pretty happy until the children begin to be afraid of “a beast”. As the time passes by, most of the children break that civilization and theyend up being real savages. Finally an officer rescues the children who were left.

William Golding was born in 1911 and he died in 1993 therefore the author lived the XX century. First, he was aschool teacher and this explains why all the characters of the novel are so well characterised: there is no doubt that all the dialogues were thought from a child’s perspective. I really like the factthat William Golding knew exactly how to recreate the words and behaviours of children. He did a great job adopting kids´ way of thinking.
He wrote “Lord of the flies” during World War II where heparticipated (he was in the British Navy and he was involved in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day).
During his life, William Golding could see the barbarity of the Nazis, who made the bloodiest genocideever; the terrible effects and consequences of the atomic bomb, etc.
This means that he lived in a society which was devastated by the violence, poverty and the cruelty of a war. All this appears inthe novel and an example of violence in the book is when Jack’s tribe wants to kill Ralph for no reason. What is more, by that time the economy was very vulnerable. Because of all the above thenovel’s context is quite pessimist.
Through this novel, the author wanted to show the violence of the human being and that civilization is something weak because he lived all that during his life,especially during the war.

William Golding used simple vocabulary to write his book. I understood almost all the vocabulary except by some random words.
The story of the novel follows a chronological...
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