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The Diary Of Anne Frank
A Summary Up To Page 60

Anne Frank was a 13 year-old girl in 1942. She was from Germany, but her family moved to Netherlandsbecause of the Nazi Party. The book consists of a diary redacted by Anne during the years of the Nazi Party and the way Jewish people had to live to save their own life. It is a story that begins in1942 and ends in 1944, the day before the Frank Family got captured.
The book starts with Anne’s description of her 13th birthday, where we can assume her life before the Holocaust was perfect.Then, one day, Otto and Edith Frank, her parents told her they will move to an apartment in Prinsengracht, where Otto worked. Margot, Anne’s sister, was not with them the moment they moved, because shehad left with Miep Gies, a friend of the family, to take supplies and other stuff to their new home.
The family had people who helped them during the years they were hidden. These people gavethem food, supplies and other things they needed, like books for the young ones to study and others to read. These people also visited them to announce them how the war was going. Some of the helperswere Miep Gies, her husband Jan, Elisabeth “Bep” Voskuijl (appears as Elli), Viktor Kugler (under the pseudonym Mr. Kraler), and Johannes Kleiman (under the pseudonym of Mr. Koophuis)
On July13th, the Van Daan family arrived to the Secret Annex. The Vaan Daan Family consisted of Hermann Van Daan, Auguste Van Daan (in the book under the pseudonym Petronella Van Daan), and Peter Van Daan, sonof Hermann and Auguste.
In September 2nd, 1942, the now 7 Hidden showed more dislike between each other and small disgusts started to take place in the Secret Annex. Mrs Van Daan usuallycomplained about cooking and her dinner plates where used instead of the Frank’s ones. These mini-battles made them hide some things from each other, making the Secret Annex unpleasant and intense....
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