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Biografía de john Scott
John Escott is a published adapter, author, editor, and a narrator of children's books. Some of the published credits of John Escott include Dominoes : Starter Level: 250 Headwords A Pretty Face Cassette (American English) (Dominoes), Dominoes: Level 1: 400 WordVocabulary The Wild West (Dominoes One Level One 400 Headwords), Dominoes: Level 2: 700 Headwords White Fang (Dominoes).

That god always gives to everyone a second chance in the life, like to carol and jake ross they started a new life forgetting to what happen in the past.

For my opinion this is a nice book because it was easy understandableand exciting story I found it a very nice book I recommend this book to everyone kids, adult everybody.

The story was about a girl called Carol Sanders, when she was younger she lived in Hong Kong for seven years, her father was a business man and the mother was secretary. In Hong Kong she was happy because she had a lot of friends also she liked to hear to pop music like therolling stones, Jake Rosso was her favorite singer and had lots of poster all around her room. Then one day in winter all started going wrong for her her father travelled to Australia on business, then one day Carol’s father was returning home and his airplane crashed into the sea on the south of Hong Kong and he died. Carol felt sad and started to have bad fiends and she began to take drugsbecause she was unhappy and angry about about what happen to her father. So one day carol’s mother made a decision to go back to England and start a new life.
Then they started to lived in London, they lived in a hotel at first carol felt strange with all red buses and everybody speaking English. Her mom said that she had it to find a work and carol must find a college, so one evening they looked to anewspaper and found a secretary job that said “secretary for the summer months on a small private island in Scotland, live with the family in a big house, interesting work and good pay for the right person”, so she called Greta Ross about the work of the newspaper and Greta Ross said to meet her at Savoy hotel at eleven a clock. The next day carol and her mother went to the hotel and meet Mrs.Ross she was waiting there in the hotel, in the hotel Mrs. Ross started to ask questions about the life of Mrs. Sanders then Mrs. Ross finish with the questions she enter a room and started talking with someone by the phone when she finish talking she said to carol’s mom that she had the job. So Mrs. Ross, carol an Mrs. Sanders travel to Scotland when they arrived a young man called Tony was waitingwith a boat to travel to Mr. rosses house, they arrives to Mr. rosses house so the same day Mrs. Sanders meet Mr. Ross (his work is to invest money in many companies and countries), and Mrs. Sanders started working as a secretary and Carol went to work in the garden with Mr. Duncan and also to work in the farm with Mr. and Mrs. parks. One day the weather was hot and sunny and carol decided totake a photograph of the house and he took the photograph and Mr. Duncan went running to carol and took the camera and took out the film and said that Mr. Ross doesn’t like to take photographs of the house. Then other day there was a storm in the middle of the night and carol open the window and saw other window of the house that the light was on so she went quickly to see which room was it so shewas listening voices in one room and when the room opens and someone came out of the room and was Mr. Ross so quickly carol hide and saw Mr. Ross hide the key in a plant near the door and when she finish seeing the key she went back her room and sleep. So the next day when everybody was doing something she went quickly to the locked room and she took the key of the plant and open the room, she was...
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