Revolution and change in england

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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Revolution and Change in England
Charles 1st: He begun ruling England with the wrong foot by marrying Henrietta Maria who was a Catholic princess while his own religion and his country’s were eitherAnglican or puritan, this caused a great disagreement by his people because in a certain way they felt he had betrayed them by marrying her and also because they thought that she might be a badinfluence for him and by this in a certain way for them too. The main reason that unleashed the English revolution was that citizens were feeling abused, violated and insulted by their king since he didnot have respect neither for them and or their belongings because he was taking land away from them to gift it to his friends without caring who’s land was it and the effect of all this was the civilwar which ended after he was beheaded with the charges of high treason against England.
His government: At first he ruled with parliament but then after a confrontation with them he dissolved it andrefuse to call it into session for 11 years. After 12 years without calling parliament into session he decides to call because he needed money to raise an army but when they have another confrontationhe dissolves it for second time and rules by himself until his death.
Form of government on England now: The England form of Government is a constitutional monarchy, which combines a monarch head ofstate with a parliamentary system. While many consider the England form of government a democracy, which it is in practice, the Queen of England has many titular roles and is officially the head ofstate, although in practice, she has little political power or influence. The true influence and power in the England form of government comes from the prime minister and the Parliament.
Contrastbetween the form of government on England now and Charles 1st: During Charles 1st reign he ruled with absolutism, he ruled with all power and he, as the King, had the last word upon any matter while in...
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