Scenarios de negocios

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Scenario I
1. What communication channel will you use?
The following communication channels are used to inform the team about the new strategy to develop:
a. Formal channels
b. Downwardcommunication
c. Oral communication
d. Wheel
2. What is this channel the best choice in this situation?
The formal channel is used to establish and convey a professional message to themembers of the team. In addition, downward communication was used to allocate new development directions for the strategy of the new deverage, set goals and report the time that team have to do thejob. The downward communication would be oral communication, as it is the quickest way to convey the message, clarifies any questions and receive the results of the work faster. To this end, the wheel isthe most appropriate channel for this situation because as a team leader acted as the conduit for all communications of the group and get the result faster work.
3. What communication channelwill you use to convey your strategy to the Vice President of Operations?
The following communication channels are used to convey the new strategy to the Vice President of Operations:
a. Formalchannels
b. Upward communication
c. Oral and Written communication (Written with Power Point Presentation)
d. Chain
4. Why is this channel the best choice in this situation?
The formalchannel is used to carry and transmit the message professionally Vice President Operations (VPO). In addition, use upward communication for feedback from the VPO of the work and know what areas can beimproved. Written communication would be Power Point for the VPO can verify the registration of the message that the company want to lead the public presentation and use in subsequent queries. Also,written communication is used as well as oral communication and explaining the procedure of the strategy and the message is received more quickly to get a faster feedback of VPO. Therefore, the...
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