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Shipping Documents: The first document is:
1. Commercial Invoice: provided by the exporter if the exporter is the same persons as the seller, in the case of the agent who provides the commercial invoice is the seller. The Commercial invoice is the statement that how much the merchandise costs provided by the producer of that merchandise.

Difference between the American commercial invoice andthe Chilean commercial invoice. The main difference
- American commercial invoice: has an affidavit, an affidavit is a sworn decoration that the information made in this document it is true. Therefore the person who signs the commercial invoice is assuming the responsibility of any difference.
- Chilean commercial invoice: not contains an affidavit, all it contains is several items likequantity of the merchandise, unit price, total prices.
- Some other commercial invoices are more complete they include CIF or FOB prices; it contains the type of the transportation.

2. Bill of lading: is an invoice for the services of transportation because it’s waterways we called bill of lading, it’s by air the name is “airway bill”, by truck “roadway bill”, by train “railway bill”.

-Requirement for the B/L has to be a Full set it means every bill of lading must have a full set, a full set are 3 originals issued by the shipping company. This came about when the mail was low so the issued 4 original so the first original to arrive was the first one to be on it. The rest of the originals are kept on files.
- The Bill of lading is endorsable, it means that the person who signs thisdocument is the owner of the merchandise, so the O.B will request must be blank endorse. It means that nobody signs it. The O.B is the owner of the merchandise until the credit is paid, so if the importer doesn’t pay for the merchandise the bank signs the bill of lading and the bank is the new owner of the merchandise.
- A B/L must have the Stamp on board, is for assure the correspondent bankthat the merchandise is on board and the stamp has to have the date of the day that the merchandise was on board. When you’re dealing this there are dates so those days are important.
We have an appended document, and that is the
3. steamship certificate: appended document to the B/L not to the rest , and this document is mandatory to accompany the bill of lading when the importer accept orallows transshipments or partial shipment, because this document informs the owner of the vessel, so is the detail of the different vessels where the merchandise is going to be transported. The other types of lading has the information about the type of merchandise, type of container, general information because what they need to know is the type of merchandise how much is weight , and the volumeof the merchandise, and is mandatory because the O.B has to know.

4. Insurance certificate: provided by the insurance company, is an invoice for insurance services.

5. Certificate of origin: if we have free trade agreement, the CO, are different entities who provides this certificate, in Europe is only one “the chamber of commerce” in Chile:

a) The Chamber of commerce: for all ofthose products that are not manufactured.
b) SOFOFA: for all the manufacture products.
c) SERNAPESCA: for all the fishing products.
Specific documents:
6. Packing list: is the detail list of all the packages, dimension, characteristics, etc is the packages are on pallets and not many is the exporter who produces the packing list, when there is a huge quantity then is the transportationcompany when the transportation company provides this document they put a code.

7. Weight certificate: is going to be provided depending of the quantity of the merchandise, by the exporter or the transportation company, if it’s for example Livestock that mean that the exporter must provide the weight for every animal is sending out, in the case if is machine the information is provided by the...
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