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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her. She, a common 17 years girl, who had just leave from her house and crossed the street in order to go to school, as usual, was now petrifiedlooking at her boyfriend John who was kissing her best friend Karla, at the entrance of a Neighbor’s house.

“This can not be possible!” Emma thought to herself. Suddenly mixture of emotions came intoEmma’s body. She could not understand what was happening. Karla, who was Emma’s best friend, was now apparently kissing John. Emma wished that situation was a really bad dream, but it was not.

Shestarted to cry as her heart broke into pieces. Everything seemed to be lost between them, when somebody came up closer to Emma and hugged her, “Why are you crying honey?” this person asked. Shestopped crying and raises her head to see this person. It was John, so, who was that boy kissing Karla? Emma realized that the boy kissing Karla was John’s brother. With out saying anything both of themunderstood what had being going on, and started laughing. Fortunately, everything had been a confusion.

Dear Mr. Spiller,
Thank you very much for your email informing me that I have won first prizein the competition. I am looking forward to going to Australia and attending the course.

It would be better for me to do the course in august because in September in having my school exams and Imust be back from my trip for that month. Apart from that an considering I can chose what English class I would like to join, I can say I prefer taking speaking and listening classes, because that iswhat I enjoy the most.

In the afternoon I would like to try learning to play a musical instrument maybe the guitar or something similar. I would also be interested in trying a scuba diving course; Ithink that would be very interesting.

Could you tell me what type of accommodation is provided and what kind of clothes I should bring with me?

I look forward to hearing from you. Best...
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