Simbolo de la medicina

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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The symbol of medicine.
We often see at the entrance of hospitals, medical schools, ambulances and other places belonging to the health system image that strikesus, and seeing her in those places is the beautiful infer that medical profession. But very little is known about its meaning, origin and evolution, both students of Medical Sciences as a good partof health professionals.

What is called Caduceus?
It is the badge of the herald, better known as magical attribute of Hermes or Mercury, messenger of the gods of Olympus. Among theRomans served as a flag of truce because it appeared in an olive branch. In its most usual form consists of two serpents, coiled about a shaft, supported by a pair of wings. The caduceus graduallyreplaced the emblem of Esculapius, God of Medicine. This is one of the many definitions that exist, the most complete from the historical point of view in our opinion.

According to the fable of Ovid,in Greek mythology, the caduceus was given by Apollo to Mercury to end a dispute between them; Mercury had given to the God of Music's seven-stringed lyre he had invented. Reportedly, Mercury foundon Mount Cithaeron two snakes that were fighting and he throws in the middle of the rod to separate them and saw how, without getting hurt, curled and intertwined around the rod, so that the top oftheir bodies formed an arc, leaving their heads facing each other without signal and enmity. Probably, this legend was born as a symbol of artistic and decorative reason.

After that Mercury was usedto its functions, with the caduceus dozed and woke mortals, they appealed to the souls of those killed or led to the abode of the dead or hell, holding the winds and the clouds dissipate, becoming hetouched into gold, transforming the darkness into light. It was a rod of power, being for man a source of security, peace, harmony, benefit and fortune. The Greeks made this emblem the hallmark of...
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