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Maria José Castro
4th “VI”
Simon Bolivar was born into a family of Basque origin of chivalry Venezuelan native, was formed by reading the thinkers of the Enlightenment and traveling in Europe. In Paris he made contact with the ideas of the Revolution and Napoleon knew personally and Humboldt. Affiliated with the Masons and imbued with liberal ideas, and in 1805 wassworn in Rome would not rest until we liberate their country from Spanish domination. And, although it lacked military training, Simon Bolivar went on to become the main leader of the war for independence from the Spanish colonies. In addition, he provided the ideological base movement through their own writings and speeches.[1]
In his childhood, was the spoiled son of his parents and relatives forbeing the last of four siblings, but unfortunately his father died when he was three years old.
After the death of his father, his mother puts tutors to teach him everything he need, for which the contract to Simon and Simon Rodriguez Cedeño, after a while his mother also dies June 1792.
Then travels to Europe by acquiring new and valuable insights, he returned to Venezuela for the year1807.[2]
Bolivar's educational background was quite informal. Like many other wealthy and well educated natives, he received instruction from private tutors at home. Only four times in his childhood he attended a public school and lived in the house of his tutor Simon Rodriguez. According to his own testimony, his education was the best thing a person of his rank could acquire at home for this time. Ina famous letter to General Santander, Bolivar offered one of the clearest statements on his early training. In this letter, Bolivar was a detector overrule his called Molíiens, whose testimony described as unfair and untrue. The Liberator said in the letter that was not true that their education was neglected, his mother and his family made it possible for one who has the appropriate training andit hired the best teachers in the country. In the same letter, he adds that Simon Rodriguez, taught him to read and write, Andrés Bello was instructed in the art of composition and geography, and Andujar an intellectual father admired Humboldt mathematics taught in an academy especially designed. After Bolívar was sent to Europe to study foreign languages and attend the Academy of San Fernando inMadrid to improve their learning of mathematics. Here in Madrid also took lessons in fencing, dancing and horse riding.[3]
In the house of Ustariz not only learn to think and speak in depth, also referred to a noble lady who steals his heart, was named Maria Teresa Rodriguez Del Toro and Alayza. Have a crush as suddenly as hot. Simon wanted to marry her right away. The father opposed it ongrounds of age. Had to wait two years. Were frequently seen because Bolivar had found in her the tenderness and affection that he lacked since the death of her mother. Finally the wedding was held in Madrid on 24 May 1802. Bolivar had no relatives at her side immediately. Full of love and dreams of young couple returns to Caracas. Relatives greeted with celebrations. Also visit the Hacienda San Mateo.Sinovac contracted a tropical disease. On January 22, almost eight months of marriage, died from shock and dismay of the family. The premature widowhood was a decisive event in the life of Bolivar.[4]
In 1810 he joined the independence revolution which broke out in Venezuela led by Miranda. The failure of that attempt forced Bolivar to flee the country in 1812, took up the reins of the movement,launching from Cartagena de Indias a manifesto inciting to rebellion again, correcting the mistakes of the past.
In 1813 he launched a second revolution, which became successful in Caracas. Yet there was a new realistic reaction, under the direction of Morillo and Bobes, who reconquered the country to the Spanish Crown, driving Bolívar to Jamaica, but he made a third revolution between 1816 and...
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