Slumdog millionarie summarie

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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Slumdog Millionaire

Why did Jamal become a Millionaire?

a) He Cheated.

b) He’s Lucky

c) He is a genius.

d) It iswritten.

He Cheated – In the question about the cricket player they gave him an answer written in the bathroom mirror he didn’t ask for the answerbut he use the answer to cheat by using the 50-50 chance option, the only tricky part was to decide if it was the correct o wrong answer bythinking if the host of the show wanted him to win or lose.

He’s Lucky – In the question about the musketeer he didn’t know the answer and heremembers that when he was in class as little boy the teacher tried to teach him this story but he never pay attention, so he guessed the answer.In the question about the 100 dlls bill, who was the name of the president in the 100 dlls bill, well he is lucky because of the way heknew the answer, he meet another boy from before and the boy was blind so he ask Jamal how was the guy on the bill just to make sure it was a100 dlls bill.

He is a Genius – When he charges the guy 50 rupees to sing just before they escape.

The work he was doing at theTaj Mahal with the Americans.

The work he did with the American car.

It is Written – By Jamal being born a India, a lot of hislife was written, like knowing the name of the famous India actor, living in Mumbai, and all the close moment he had with dead, Dead is written.
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