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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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When arriving on time means culture

Arriving on time means responsibility, sometimes when we cannot arrive on time because of some things that happen tous, and we have the right to apologize. People get used to the custom of lateness and this creates some parts in life which make this as a culture, as something thatpeople maybe in a way don´t mind about doing, even if it makes a difference on what they had to be on time.

In the university for example, studentssometimes don’t arrive at time but because they work and also have the right to arrive late. Of course it is not a excuse, mainly they chose to study in a university so, itmeans responsibility; students, people and everyone has a knowledge about arriving on time and it depends on them to keep it as a culture and try to hold it forall time.

Students have to adapt their behavior about arriving on time to classes, if a lot of students kept this thought they could be on time, but sadly thisis not true. Students keep getting late to classes and if it happens every day it will be a non-sense culture. Everybody see being on time as a responsibility, asa culture, as something that we learnt, something that teachers and family keep teaching for this

To eliminate lateness and make students know that studies andworking have their own rules to follow. Being on time is culture when we keep it as something that needs to be made so, it will be well seen and behavior in otherstudents will change too watching and hearing that they arrive on time.

Name: Mora, Jorman


Section: 851 Reading and writing
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