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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Stray Animals

Carlos Omar Serrano Cabañas
Ivy Garza Cázares
Ana Cecilia Blanco
Instituto Tecnológico de Saltillo
Desarrollo Sustentable

Stray Animals
It’s estimated that the population about 500 millions of animals in the world, 75% are living in the streets. A big amount of these percentage are dogs so, we decided to focus our project in these animals. The main reasonsabout why to make a research about stray dogs are the next:
1.- It’s a social problem: The stray animals, in special dogs, are carriers of a lot of diseases, so it is very dangerous for a community to deal with stray animals.
2.- Animal abuse: Because the risk of health, and sometimes because is disturbing for people to deal with this dogs, people use to kill, electrocute, poison or shot to thedogs. Also if the dogs are not having the proper cares they got some diseases like tumors, skin problems, which are not treated.
We are going to make a research about what are the causes about why there are too many animals in the streets.
Search institutions where we can go if we found some stray animals.
Now we are going deeper on each cause of why we are doing this investigation:
Why it’sa social problem?
Is estimated that in Mexico we have 19 million of stray dogs and to put an example, in the D.F. the people are exposed daily, to 500 kilograms of excrement, not only form stray dogs but from pet’s persons, and of course the animals are not guilty, this problem is caused because the irresponsibility of the people. Here in Saltillo we are not having this problem but if we continuewithout the proper information this problem will grow and grow and suddenly it will be very hard to solve.
Why the animal abuse is one priority in this project?
Any animal can be exposed to the abuse but a stray animal it’s always exposed from abandonment to abuse from the humans.
On a country where the violence is happening every day there’s not a priority to attend the animal abuse but thisproblem can mean a bigger problem.
According to the psychologists, the mistreat to any kind of animal (dogs, cats, insects, birds) in the infancy is normal, but this is only a phase that the parents should have a special attention, because the prolongation of this phase it’s considered a psychological problem.

Hypothesis: We think that the animal abuse, abandonment and of course the mainreason of why we are having stray dogs is because the few information that exist or it’s provided to the people when they are adopting or buying a pet.
To prove our hypothesis we decided to make a survey, so you can check what the document below:

1. Do you have a dog?
2. How do you get it?
Bought__ adopted__ gift__ other__
3. Did you get informed in the moment that youobtain the dog about what was the cares and requisites of its maintenance?
4. Of the following topics which one you get informed about it?
Health cares__
Special cares because the race__
5. The dog has all his vaccines?
6. When the dog go out it’s for itself or you go with it?

Before the application of the survey we wanted to have alittle talk and have the opinion of a person with more experience in this subject.

This is why we decided to talk with the engineer Cesar Gerardo Martinez Sanchez, he is part of the foundation: “Amor por los animales” A.C. this is an organization that take care of animals, he said to us that they help principally dogs and cats but had have also cases of even horses.

The foundation is integratedby volunteers, and there’s only one requisite: the love for the animals.

We wanted also his opinion about our hypothesis so we ask him, so he told to us that for him the main reasons of why there are so many dogs in the streets are:
1. Lack of information (which one support our theory)
2. Lack of culture

He also told us about some of the problems that cause the stray dogs, and...
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