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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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What is Stress? 1

What is Stress?

Maricarmen Salcedo

Psychology 101
Dr. R. Ottman
April 21, 2009What is stress? 2

What is Stress?

My name is Maria Salcedo and when I was 7 years old, my mom found out that she

had breast cancer. She went to talk to thedoctor, and he told her that they needed it to

extract her breast because she had a bad tumor. She asked him why, and he told her that

she had breast cancer. He told her that part of the cause of thebreast cancer was the

stress, and that she needed it to relax; therefore, not to worry too much about everything.

This happened eighteen years ago, and she did listen to the doctor. Now, she ishealthy,

and she takes things more easily. Stress can be caused by physical or emotional events.

Everyone reacts differently to stress, and each person will define which situations he or

shewill view as stressful. Research has indicated that over 30 different hormones are set

into motion when individuals are stressed. There are many different causes, effects, and

ways to preventstress.

First, many different things can cause stress. They vary in a number of ways, and in

their importance for the person. Identifying what it may be causing stress is often the firststep in learning how to better deal with stress. There are some common causes which are:

Internal and external.

- Internal cause.- It is when people make themselves stressed. This oftenhappens

when people worry about things that they can not control, or put themselves in
What is Stress?3

situations that will cause them stress. For example, there are people, who are

perfectionist, and they like everything to be in certainly place. They get much stressed