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Assignment 5.2

The hospital is well known for its provision of quality medical care. During the year the hospital has strived to attract more members of staffespecially nursing staff. The nursing staffing levels have indeed been better this year than in recent years.
A high nurse turnover has continued to affect nursingservices at the institution. Due to inadequate funds some planned activities especially in the Primary Health Care department have not been undertaken. Although we have continued to receivesupport from our partners for which we are very thankful, we are conscious that we have not made any real progress in becoming less donor dependent. The hospital has been discussingpossibilities of embarking on income generating activities, however, the poor prevailing economic situation makes such ventures risky.
The hospital continues to excelin its various endeavors because of committed staff and a supportive working environment. These factors offer opportunities for expansion of hospital services especially in PrimaryHealth Care department. The hospital with financial, material and human resources available would go a long way in strengthening community-based interventions.
Financialposition of the hospital has not been well during the year. Additionally, the rising costs of food and school fees combined with more lucrative offers from external non-profitorganizations for highly skilled staff, often requires the hospital to pay top-ups to retain staff. The hospital therefore struggles to meet the salary requirements. There is a real need forthe hospital to explore other means of sustaining the running of their institutions through income generating activities and other donors especially for community based activities.
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