Taller ingles basico ii

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1.)    Put in A/ AN or SOME.
1.      READ a book and listened to some music.
2.      There is some sugar in thecup.
3.      I need some money. I want to buy some food.
4.      We met some interesting people at the party.
5.      I’m going to open Awindow to get some fresh air.
6.      She didn’t eat much for lunch, only an apple and some bread.
7.      We live in a big house. There’s anice garden with a beautiful trees.

2 – Fill in the blanks with the complete form of the present perfect of the verbs in paréntesis. See theexample.
 In Key West, people from the US or other places of the world have found (find) a peaceful life far away from their homes inside thecountry. All kinds of people
Have Lived (live) on this Island. Spanish and English traditions has survived (survive) together; fine restaurants,Spanish pubs and fruit markets
Always has open (open) their doors to anyone who has looked (look) for a different life style and have come (come)to this palce. From
Duval Street
to the sea, people

HAVE always RIDDEN (ride) bicycles, HAVE SEEN (see) eccentric people, HAVE SWAN (swim)in crystalline waters and HAVE GONE (go) wind sufing.
3- WH questions – what, who, why. Choose the correct word.
1-     Why wasabsent from school?
2-      Why did she he to stay home?
3-      What did the other children do?
4-      Who came to talk to the children?
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