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Cultural contributions

England has a huge natural and historical heritage: castles, palaces, parks and beautiful gardens, cathedrals, national parks, historic towns and ancient ruins. But itsmodern architectural development is very innovative.
The museum's most famous and extensive of England is the British Museum, which houses collections of art and archaeological objects from around theworld. Other outstanding museums and galleries are the Madame Tussaud's, the Wallace Collection, Tate Britain, Tate Gallery, the Tate Modern, Westminster Abbey, coronation and burial place of Britishmonarchs since 1065, and the National Portrait Gallery , which houses the largest collection of portraits of British personalities, among hundreds of others.
William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens,Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Charles Chaplin, Oscar Wilde, John Locke, David Hume, Thomas Hobbes, William Blake, George Bernard Shaw, George Orwell, BenjaminDisraeli, Adam Smith and Alfred Hitchcock. These are just some names on the long list of genius that gave England the world.

. English art, a term that indicates the art originally from England, hasevolved over the centuries and artistic movements such as Brit Art Today art spans painting, sculpture, photography, painting and performance

English folklore is rooted before the Roman invasion ofBritain. For others the origin is uncertain. In England folklore abounds in different forms and manifestations as the semi-mystical Arthurian legends-traditional, as well as semi-historical Robin Hood.They emphasize its contemporary urban myths and cryptozoology as Beast of Bodmin Moor. Somewhat utopian vision of traditional England is known as Merry England.

As for cuisine, there is a new style ofcooking called Modern British. This style combines the traditional British ingredients with new culinary influences of other nations. English breakfast remains an enduring tradition. Tea and beer...
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