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Integration Management

What is the process of integration management?
♦ Develop project charter ♦D Develop project management plan l j t t l ♦ Direct and manage project execution ♦ Monitor and control project work ♦ Perform integrated change control ♦ Close project or phase


What are the methods to select a project?
♦ Benefit measurement (comparative) ♦ Constrained optimization(mathematical)

What is develop project management plan process? What is its output?
The process of creating a project management plan that is bought into, approved, realistic and formal Output: Th O t t The project management plan j t t l


What is included in a project management plan?
♦ Management plans for knowledge areas ♦ Change management plan ♦ Configuration management plan ♦Requirements management plan ♦ Process improvement plan

What are project documents?
Any documents used to manage a project that are not part of the project management plan They include: Project charter Statement of work Contracts Stakeholder register Requirements documentation Activity list Quality metrics Risk register Change log Issue log and any other such documentation.


What are keyoutputs of direct and manage project execution process?
♦ Deliverables ♦ Change requests ♦ Work performance information ♦ Updates to the project management plan

and project documents

What are key outputs of the monitor and control project work process?
♦ Change requests ♦ Updates to the project management plan

and project documents.


What are key outputs of the perform integratedchange control process?
♦ Change request status updates ♦ Updates to the project management plan

and project documents.

What are key outputs of the close project or phase process?
♦ Final product ♦ Formal acceptance ♦ Organizational process assets updates


Explain the project manager’s role as an integrator
Making sure all the pieces of the project are properly coordinated and puttogether into l di t d d t t th i t one cohesive whole

What is a project charter? How does it help the project?
A document issued by the sponsor during project initiating h i i i i that: Formaly recognizes the existence of the project Gives the project manager authority Documents the business need, justification, customer requirements and the product or service to satisfy those requirements.6

What is a business case?
The project purpose and justification

What is a kickoff meeting? When does it occur?
A meeting of all parties to the project (stakeholders, sellers, etc.) to make sure everyone is “on the same page” It i h ld at the end of the planning process is held t th d f th l i group


What are baselines?
Parts of the project management plan used to measureperformance against f i t Schedule baseline Scope baseline Cost baseline These baselines are combined into the performance measurement baseline Baselines can change with approved changes.

What is the project statement of work?
Describes need, product scope and how project fits into the strategic plan j t fit i t th t t i l Created by the customer/sponsor prior to the beginning of the project Islater refined in the project scope statement


What is a work authorization system?
The project manager’s system for authorizing the t t f th start of work package or activities k k ti iti It ensures work is done at the right time and in the proper sequence.

What is a configuration management plan?
Making sure everyone knows what version of the th scope, schedule and other components h d ld th t of the project management plan are the latest versions It defines how you will manage changes to the deliverables and the resulting documentation.


What is a change control system?
A system of formal procedures, set up in advance, d fi i how project deliverables d defining h j t d li bl and documentation are controlled, changed, and approved

What are enterprise environmental...
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