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Lesson Plan


María Ana Murga Rivas
Hugo Brito

Lesson Plan Heading.

Age: Young adults.

Level: A1.

Topic: Birthday Parties.

Input: Reading an article
Listening to a conversation.

Situation : -Reading an e-mail of a person planning a birthday party
-Listening to a conversation between two sisters that are making a birthday party fortheir dad.

Lexical items :
Guests, invitations, cake, snacks, drinks, candles, party supplies.

Language item : Need to.

Exponent: I need to buy a cake.

Function: Express necessities when making a birthday

Material: Handouts, pictures, audio.

Background knowledge: Simple Present.

Learning objective: Learners will express what they need to make a birthday party.Time: 50 minutes.

Opening : Hello guys! How are you? So I guess all of you have had a birthday party or have been in one right? So, let’s start!

Lead in.

Procedure : Learners work in small groups and with the pictures given they choose which are needed for a birthday party and paste them on the whiteboard.

Task type : Classifying

Aim : To classify pictures.

Outcome :Pictures classified.

Learning styles : Interpersonal, kinesthetic, visual.

Multiple Intelligences : Interpersonal, kinesthetic, visual-spatial.

Interaction : Team work.

Material : Pictures.

Time : 2 minutes.

Transition : Now that we decided which items are best for a birthday party let’s continue with our next activity!Pre-reading task Meaning

Procedure : Learners choose the correct answer.

Task type : Matching.

Aim : To match the definition with the picture.

Outcome : Pictures and definition matched.

Learning styles :Reading/writing, visual.

Multiple Intelligences : Interpersonal, visual-spatial.

Interaction : Individual.

Material : Handout.

Time : 3 minutes.

Transition : Ok, so now that we know more about items we can use in a birthday party let’s go to our next activity!

Choose the correct answer.

1.You eatit at a birthday party, different flavor.

A) Cake B) Drinks C) Party Supplies.

2.Piece of wax you lighten up to make a wish.

A) Invitation. B) Guests C) Candles

3.Items you use to decorate.

A) Music. B) Snacks. C) Party Supplies

4.People you invite to theparty.

A) Guests. B) Drinks C) Cake

Pre Reading Task Message.

Procedure : Learners rank each picture from the most to the least important when making a birthday party.

Task type : Ranking.

Aim : To rank pictures.

Outcome : Pictures ranked.

Learning Styles : Reading/Writing, visual.

Multiple Intelligences : Interpersonal,linguistic, visual-spatial.

Interaction : Individual.

Material : Handout.

Time : 2 minutes

Transition : Knowing which things are more important when making a party is the key to have a successful party right?



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