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How does life imprisonment in Colombia affect Colombian society?

Actually in Colombia there is a maximum sentence of 40 years, this is imposed to people who havecommitted very harmful crimes, such as murdering, kidnapping and violating. Know days there is a controversial issue towards this condemn, because people who collaborate with the justice often get ahigh reduce of sentence, it’s the case of garavito a children murderer and children violator. During his crimes there is a count of 104 prove dead child’s, and much more without knowing about. Garavitoby helping the justice to find dead bodies have got a sentence reduce of almost the 50 %, he passed of being condemn to 40 years to be known in a maximum of 24. Is this fair? Should a person like thisshould be released back into society? Is the society ok with that? these are some questions with no answer, no answer provide until garavito become free.
Some people in Colombia argue that a maximumof 40 years in jail its ok, there arguments are that a person who enter to jail at 30, and have to spend 40 years in it would be released when he is 70 almost reaching the live expectancy inColombia. Also People say that everyone have the right to be wrong once and that they deserve a second chance to prove that they aren’t a danger for the society in the case of garavito he is ready to bereleased, even do he aspirates to get a job in the government, and the most curious thing is that he already have more than one hundred persons following his ideas, some people say that garavito knowit’s a good person that he really have change and that he would use his criminal mind in a good way, to help the authorities to catch other criminals. This idea isn’t a crazy idea because it’s better tohave the criminals as allied than enemies.
By the other hand, people argue that a criminal of a high rank should be condemn to live there life in a prison. Because it’s more likely that criminals...
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