Terminologia de microondas

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Radios de Microondas Digitales Serie 8800 – Terminología de Microondas
Luis F Gonzalez, Director de Servicios Técnicos Luis.Gonzalez@CODAN.com.au

Al final de la sesión, losparticipantes estarán en capacidad de: • Describir de manera simple los principales términos utilizados en microondas

What is a Decibel (dB) ?
• The dB is a logarithmic unit (Not Linear) used to describea ratio. The ratio may be power, sound pressure, voltage or intensity many things. • The decibel (dB) is used to measure level, and is widely used in electronics and communication.
– dBi – RelativeAntenna gain reference to Isotropic antenna – dBm – Relative RF power level reference to 1 mW – dBC – Relative power level reference to Tx power carrier level – dBA – Relative sound level reference toAudio sound level


Commonly Used Terms Antennas
• GAIN The measure of the ability of the antenna to focus the transmitted energy in the required direction BEAMWIDTH The measure of tothe intensity of the main beam of an antenna at an angle from its forward bore sight . CROSS POLAR DISCRIMINATION The measure of the ability of a Vertically polarised antenna to reject a signal whichis Horizontally polarised and vice versa. (splash plates about 20dB, horn feeds about 30dB).

Commonly Used Terms Antennas
• FRONT-TO-BACK RATIO: A measure of the antenna gain in theopposite direction to the main beam (angular discrimination of 180 degrees). RPE (Radiation Pattern Envelope): A diagrammatic representation of the signal radiated from an antenna WINDLOADING: The windrelated forces exerted on the tower by antenna structure during high winds

Commonly Used Terms Radio
• EQUIVALENT ISOTROPIC RADIATED POWER (EIRP) EIRP is the sum of the power sent to theantenna plus antenna gain.

NOISE FIGURE The ratio in dB between the S/N output and the S/N input of a device eg. a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA).

Commonly Used Terms Radio
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