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TESCO: “Customer relationship management”

This Case is about Tesco and its way to success.
The main reason of this success was to know how to treat each costumerindividually. They made a segmentation of different groups of customers concerning their preferences. This way they can persuade each costumer knowing what they like.
In myopinion, the key of this method is the creation of a data base which includes personal information such as addresses, telephones and the control of what each customer spends, thetypes of products, the amount and the periodicity of their purchases. Because of this, they know how to deal with each customer, sending specific advertisement for eachone. The summary of this idea is changing the strategy for each kind of customer.
As a customer I appreciate the privacy of my information so I feel uncomfortable when theytry to obtain too much information about me.
Another way to reach this success has been the constant research for innovation by including new technologies like expandingtheir business acquiring gas stations, new formats of stores, online shop, etc.
Following this strategies and taking certain risks that are implicit in this innovation, theybroaden their market.
One of the big problems that Tesco found is that their willing to know more about their customers resulted in an expense over they expected.Personally, due to the good strategy they followed they have increased their profits year by year, becoming one of the biggest companies of retailing stores.

What do youthink is the major key of Tesco’s success?

Given you are the owner of a company that has a big number of shops around the world ,how would you introduce an improvement?
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