The blind side

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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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The Blind Side
Have you ever noticed that nowadays people do not trust each other? Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock), a wealthy woman, is not one of them, she had the courage to be kind to a homeless boy,Michael Oher (Big Mike), who did not know and adopt him. He did not know his father and his mother was in drugs.
In this movie that was based on a true story I admire Leigh Anne, an Americaninterior designer who graduated in the University of Mississippi in the decade of 1980. She is known for being featured in Michael Lewis’s book (2006), The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game and by 2009 itsfilm adaption The Blind Side.
Michael Oher arrived to a Christian school by Tony Hamilton, who wanted his son Steven in a Christian school. When the coach saw Big Mike he wanted immediately him in hisfootball team. The coach needs an answer of the school’s director. After many discussions finally Big Mike income.
One Day SJ, Leigh Anne’s son, was talking to Mike; Leigh Anne saw them talking, shewas curious about who was that big boy. Some hours after, night came and Leigh Anne saw Big Mike, she stopped immediately and said to him to go in the car and would take him to her home. At the nextmorning he was leaving, Leigh Anne finds out and found him outside her house, she invites him to stay for Thanksgiving Day.Mike did not have clothes, Leigh wanted him to go shopping, but he insisted he had clothing, this was not true, and however, they went shopping. In this scene she had an act of charity,confidence with herself. She knew what she was doing.
Slowly, Michael becomes a member of the Touhy’s family, and she decides to adopt him. They were all very happy family.After his grades improve, he was allowed to join the school football team. First he was not good at...
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