The brave little taylor

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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Once upon a kingdom, whose population was eager to end a horrible giant, he always was damaging their crops. But, this was not concern for a young tailor. He just wanted toeat his bread with jam and kill the flies that did not let him work.
One day, he took his cane and, killed seven flies ,fell one afteranother. "I killed seven at one blow!" He shouted. And, proudly opened the window, repeating very loud to the whole village. A man who had been thinking about the giant, believed the he had referredto seven giants and ran to tell the king: "The tailor killed seven giants in one blow."
The king and his daughter, the beautiful Princess, ordered thatthe brave little tailor will approach immediately to the palace.
- I expected that the hero wassronger , "said the king to see the young and friendly tailor. You must be very brave to have killed seven giants at one stroke.
- Giants? Intrigued said the tailor, unable to clear up the mess,because just in that moment the beautiful princess hugged him and the king approached him to tell him affectionately:
"If you are able to capture the evil giant, not only will give you treasures,but also the hand of my beautiful daughter, the princess. "Your excellency," said the tailor, I will meditate his proposal, and left, thinking: "I love the princess, but how do you kill a giant?". Suddenly a terrifying noise forced him to climb a tree with oranges. It was the giant and he almost crushed to the tailor, he thought that he was safe there, but the giant saw the oranges so deliciousand he took many oranges to eat them. With the tailor among them. When he wanted to hide, he already was in the big hand, face to face with the giant.
I have you no fear , said the tailor ,with the...
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